Buying a home

Buying a new home can be stressful - Is this the right home? Is there anything wrong with it? Will it hold it's value? What can we afford? Will we qualify for the loan? What if the seller wants to change something?

Even if you think you're not quite ready yet, the best thing to do is to talk to a real estate professional right away. With no pressure or obligation we can help you prepare to find the right home by deciding in advance:

  • How to get the most home for your money - We'll sit down with you and discuss what you can do up front to get the most home for your money, including handling any credit issues, making a plan to reduce debt, planning for a down payment, seeing if you qualify for any special loan programs, determining how much home you can afford, and getting pre-qualified for a home loan. When you're ready, we can start looking.
  • How to find the right home for you - Let us know what you have in mind and we can help you find the right home in the right neighborhood. We know all about neighborhoods, schools, parks, shopping, builders, floorplans and, most importantly, what is a fair price for a particular home in a particular neighborhood. And when a new property comes on the market, we know right away.

What every buyer needs to know

So you're driving around and see a home that you like. Maybe you pick up a flyer or write down a phone number. What's next? Do you call the agent? Not necessarily! You call your agent.

That's right - your agent. The agent on the sign may be great, or they may be the owner's cousin who dabbles in real estate part-time. Who knows? The best thing you can do for yourself when buying a new home is to find a real estate agent that you want to work with and who you trust to represent you.

What to look for

  • Experience - How long has the agent been in business? Are they full-time or part-time? How many houses have they sold? How long have they been in the area?
  • Knowledge - How well do they know the market? How familiar are they with financing options?
  • Communication skills - Do they listen to you? Do they answer your questions? Do they call you back? Are you comfortable talking to them?
  • Integrity - Will the agent represent your best interests or will they try to close the sale at all costs, even if it's not right for you? Is this someone you can trust with the biggest investment you will ever make?

No matter who is selling the home, we can represent you

This goes for every home in the multiple listing service, including every home in the area listed on It also applies to most new homes by most builders. Even many For Sale by Owner homes will cooperate with us - a good idea to protect your financial and legal interest.

Why us?

O'Hara has been in business for over 30 years. We have the experience and the knowledge. Our newer agents are mentored by more experienced ones, and our broker personally oversees every sale. We listen. We stay in touch. And we're trustworthy.